You can learn the skills that will make your marriage thrive.

If you have taken your marriage for granted and you are growing further apart, it time to
enter therapy and put excitement back in your marriage.

You may have lost the skill of communication.

You may have drifted apart without realizing it.

There may be an affair in the Picture.

or you may not be happy in the marriage.

Don't let the relationship conflict add stress to your life any longer, get help.
M  C
A  O
R  U
R  N
I   S
A  E
G  L
E   I
                                  EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM
The majority of employers have an Employee Assistance Program where they will pay
for at least three sessions and some up to eleven sessions. These sessions can be used
for anything that is causing stress on the job. For this program it is necessary to call an
800 Number and get authorization for the sessions in advance. These may be used for a
substance assessment, anger management, teenage problems, stress on the job , or any
                                        INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING
The issues that we will work with are all forms of anxiety (Panic attacks, Obsessive
Compulsive behavior, Phobias, Acute Stress, and PTSD.  We also work with
Depression and Bi Polar Disorders. Anger Management. We will work with other
issues on a case by case basis. We help people take control of their life away from the
disorders and put them in the drivers seat. We assist clients in their understanding of
the illness so as to manage it better. We also provide Counseling for clients who have
been placed on Suboxone and refer to physicians those clients who could benifit from
the use of Suboxone.